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I'm Sivasankari. I'm a housewife raising a daughter. Currently staying in Los angeles. My hobby is writing.

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  • Vastu tips for doors and windows

    Vastu tips for doors and windows

    4 years ago

    The doors and windows form the essential furnishing articles of the house. They not only become the passage for the air to enter into the house but also as a gateway for energies. The windows at the right direction and...

  • How to improve the quality in different aspects of life?

    How to improve the quality in different aspects of life?

    4 years ago

    Don’t simply add years to life but add life to years. When you add life to your years, life will sound more beautiful. When thinking about adding life to my years, a lot of hubs on improving the quality of life...

  • 27 two-line stories!!

    27 two-line stories!!

    4 years ago

    In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on - Robert Frost When life’s learning can be summed up in three words, why not a short-story be summed up in a line or two? Everything in...