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Hi, I'm Sarah -

A freelance writer and professional transcriber. My purpose in creating this blog is to help defeat the stigma against people with personality disorders and other emotional or mental disorders.

I've found a supportive community of writers and readers here on HubPages, and always love to connect with people who can benefit from my services as a writer and transcriber. Please feel free to reach out to me at sbktranscriptions.com or visit my website: www.sbktranscriptions.com.

My Articles:

The way I combat the general misunderstanding and fear of mental and emotional disorders is with indisputable facts, as well as personal conversations and relationships with psychiatrists who specialize in the disorders and, most importantly, those who suffer from the disorders.

My primary goal with this blog is to act as an advocate for those with these disorders, but I also have a lot of experience in other things that I love to research, write about, and share, so there are also some of those articles here as well.

Take care, and comment often! Because of the nature of my content, I appreciate all of the information and opinions I can get from those with experience in the topics, or those who find it useful.

Follow me on Twitter @SarahBKessler, as I often post articles and follow other mental health advocates! :)


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