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I'm Sasha. A young teen mother that carries herself well. I have graduated high school & would love to continued my education at a college that offers any writing classes, & also I would like to become a concealer & work 4 DHS.

I have dreams, I have hope, I have talent & refuse to let it go to waste.

I like 2 sit outside & just glaze above at the stars & moon. I like the sky theme, cuz it always can relate. I like the rain & sometime the storm that comes with.

I love writing but that's not all I can do. I do/braid hair making people feel better about themselves & there looks. I can make blankets, usually gifts 4 new babies. I baby sit cuz I love kids, I fix computers but I don't want to do it 4 a living, & I'm involved in make & remodeling.

I would love to start & finish my first book, something like chicken noodle soup 4 the teen age soul. I would really like if I could fulfill my dream as a child of building a house before I'm 30.(I always wanted to be a builder but my health won't alone it.)

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    14 months ago

    When times get hard, and you’re left all alone it’s okay to be sad and want to cry. It’s okay to let pain out. However, it is not okay to blame yourself. It is not okay to sit around and be depressed. ...