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Shawn McDonald former Soldier and decorated Police officer. I served my country and communities for twenty years. Now I am going to tell my story through the help of the Squidoo family!

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  • Native American Recipes Whale

    Native American Recipes Whale

    5 years ago

    I know this may be a touchy subject with some people, but whale skin (maktaaq or muktuk) has been a favorite food for the Inuit (Eskimo's) for many thousands of years. As in the past the Inuit only harvest enough whale...

  • Native American Inuit (Eskimo) Caribou Recipes

    Native American Inuit (Eskimo) Caribou Recipes

    5 years ago

    For generations caribou has been an important part of Inuit (Eskimo) diet. Caribou is rich in protein and iron, and provides us with many essential vitamins and minerals. So what is so great about CARIBOU? Caribou is...

  • Canadian Forces Pension

    Canadian Forces Pension

    3 years ago

    A Canadian force pension is an amount of money that you receive after serving a set amount of years in the Canadian Forces. You have to be honorably, voluntarily or medically discharged as well to be entitled to receive...

  • Sudden death of a child

    Sudden death of a child

    4 years ago

    9:25 am, March 30th, 2009, my life as I know it turned upside down! With the sudden death of my child my perfectly healthy three year old daughter Savanna who passed away in her sleep. I'm making this article to maybe...