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Scott A. Butler is an author.

He was born in Rochford, England.
After losing his natural hearing at a very young age, Scott developed a very active imagination. He discovered his passion for writing when he found an old typewriter in his grandparent's house at the age of eight. From then on he would pen or type stories for his own entertainment and share them with his family.
At the age of twelve, Scott discovered through his grandfather that he is related to a famous author and poet, Samuel Butler, who is best known for his utopian novel, "Erewhon", for being one of the first authors to describe machines with artificial consciousness and translating some of Homer's works into English.
Writing runs Scott's blood.
Scott's employment history includes him working in a radio station, property development business, online community and an educational centre for children with learning, mental and physical disabilities.
Find out more about Scott A. Butler on his website, listed on the right of this page.

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