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  • Don't go to business school

    Don't go to business school

    6 years ago

    THE PROGRAM IS OVER. What an amazing group of people came and learned and made a difference. Thank you. Six intense months working with a few other amazing people (and me.) There are plenty of reasons to get an MBA,...

  • Meatball Sundae

    Meatball Sundae

    3 years ago

    A meatball sundae is the unfortunate result of mixing two good ideas. The meatballs are the foundation, the things we need (and sometimes want). These are the commodities that so many businesses are built on. The...

  • The Dip

    The Dip

    4 years ago

    THE DIP is a little book about quitting. This lens tells you what you need to know before you buy a few dozen copies for everyone you know.   It's a mind grenade, a little bit of insight that will help...