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Several = More than two and less than many

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  • The Balanced Personality

    The Balanced Personality

    5 years ago

    To achieve harmony within the self, to develop a balanced personality, these are the time-honored ideals which give a real purpose to human life. Whether we are conscious of this aim or not, we are all striving, often...

  • Why do Icebergs Float?

    Why do Icebergs Float?

    5 years ago

    When a quantity of water is converted into ice it occupies a greater volume. Since its weight remains the same we can see that its density would be less than the density of water; that means that it is lighter than...

  • The Importance of Cheese

    The Importance of Cheese

    5 years ago

    Most of the important nutrients of milk go into the cheese, but without its failings. It is difficult for disease-producing bacteria to live in most cheeses; whilst milk, a first-class culture medium, has spread...

  • How does a water tap work?

    How does a water tap work?

    5 years ago

    Dripping taps are not only a noisy nuisance, they can be expensive as well, especially if it is hot water leaking away.