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Shades-of-truth is a happily married woman, with ten children; two acquired through marriage. At present count, there are twenty-eight grandchildren with feet "on the ground", one more "in progress", and one great-grandchild. Her husband grows orchids - beautiful orchids. She runs two retail businesses at the present time, but also loves to work with her hands. She loves carpentry, laying tile, leatherworking, crocheting, knitting, writing, designing and manufaturing jewelry, and many other things. She also loves the Lord, who has been so gracious and merciful to her and to her family.

She does not have time to write three or four articles a day, as some prolific writers do, but from time to time, writes something. Mostly, she writes about her husband's orchids - the Alien Orchids are her favorites, and about their dearly beloved, recently departed crazy Muscovy Duck!

Thank you for stopping by!

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  • Why I Stopped Using Renpure Cleansing Conditioners

    Why I Stopped Using Renpure Cleansing Conditioners

    2 years ago

    I wanted to love Renpure's products. Really, I did. However, I have some solid reasons for not using them any longer. You might wish to find out why, before the same things happen to you!

  • Bill Peet The Man Who Started With Disney

    Bill Peet The Man Who Started With Disney

    2 years ago

    Move over, Dr. Seuss, and make way for Bill Peet. If you love the books of Dr. Seuss, you will definitely enjoy all of Bill Peet's children's books. Children of all ages love them - and so do I!

  • The Amazing Unforgettable Voice of Experience

    The Amazing Unforgettable Voice of Experience

    2 years ago

    Who had over 7 million radio listeners back in the 1920's and 1930's? It seems that everyone back then knew "The Voice of Experience". His radio program aired nationwide, and riveted his audiences.

  • Do You Eat the Chicken of the Woods Mushroom?

    Do You Eat the Chicken of the Woods Mushroom?

    2 years ago

    As mushrooms go, the Chicken of the Woods is in a class by itself. Who would think a mushroom would taste like cooked chicken? This one does! One of our family members has even seen it in the wild.

  • Stagecoaches of the Wild West

    Stagecoaches of the Wild West

    2 years ago

    I love the stagecoaches of the Wild West, don't you? They were so beautifully made, and for a period of time, were the "way to go". Romantic to us, they were anything BUT that, to those who rode them.

  • Gems from the Childcraft Books for Children - Poems of Early Childhood

    Gems from the Childcraft Books for Children - Poems of Early Childhood

    2 years ago

    These are some of our favorite selections from the Childcraft books. I read them when I was a child, my children read them, and my grandchildren enjoy them, too.

  • The Wonderful World of Woodkins

    The Wonderful World of Woodkins

    2 years ago

    Woodkins are wonderful wooden flexible figurines of vegetables, fruit, animals, and flowers that are simply irresistible! Take our tour into the Wonderful World of Woodkins...

  • Pipsissewa the Forgotten Herb

    Pipsissewa the Forgotten Herb

    2 years ago

    Pipsissewa is a valuable herb, but almost forgotten in modern times. The Native Americans used pipsissewa extensively, and it is reputed to help alleviate rheumatism and arthritis. Who knows?

  • 50 Delightful Edible Flowers

    50 Delightful Edible Flowers

    3 months ago

    Want to know about more than 50 flower blossoms you can eat? We thought you might, so take a look at our list and descriptions of more than fifty edible flowers, and ways to use them in your kitchen.

  • Alien Orchids

    Alien Orchids

    2 years ago

    The Alien Orchids are nothing but trouble! They kidnapped me, took me to court, said all sorts of vicious things that weren't true, and tried to take over our home and community. Beware; they're here!

  • The Angel Orchids

    The Angel Orchids

    2 years ago

    My husband grows lots and lots of orchids. Some of them look JUST like angels, to me. What do YOU think?

  • Weird Orchids or What?

    Weird Orchids or What?

    2 years ago

    Just a few of my husband's very, VERY weird orchids!

  • The Love of Orchids

    The Love of Orchids

    3 months ago

    My husband is the Wizard of Orchids. We have orchids everywhere. We love them! You cannot come and see them, I cannot steal one for you, and you cannot buy one. Enjoy them here, if you love orchids!

  • Grain of the Ancients - Teff

    Grain of the Ancients - Teff

    2 years ago

    Teff is a wonderful grain from Ethiopia. One thing I love about Teff, is that the tiny round grains seem to "burst" with flavor, when you eat it!

  • Archimedes our CRAZY Muscovy Duck

    Archimedes our CRAZY Muscovy Duck

    3 months ago

    We owned a pet Muscovy Duck for several years. I named her Archimedes. She was the funniest, most talkative duck I ever saw! Her story is unforgettable, as she was. Muscovy Ducks make wonderful pets!

  • The Moringa Tree

    The Moringa Tree

    2 years ago

    This is my favorite tree. I have planted tens of thousands of Moringa seeds, and have more Moringa growing than I can handle. Moringa is has been dubbed one of the most nutritious plants on earth!

  • The Drumstick Tree - Moringa

    The Drumstick Tree - Moringa

    2 years ago

    Have you ever heard of "The Drumstick Tree"? I have been growing them for many years, eating what they produce, and writing about them so everyone learns about the valuable, nutritious Moringa tree.

  • Let There Be Orchids!

    Let There Be Orchids!

    2 years ago

    My husband grows orchids, and used to have about 3,000 of them. Hope you enjoy the "Spitting Orchid", the orchid that comes unhinged, our "Darth Vader" orchid, and what I call our "Flying Nun".

  • Why I Love Moringa

    Why I Love Moringa

    2 years ago

    There are so many reasons that I love Moringa, that I can hardly list them all. I love the way it tastes, the way it benefits people who are ill, how it gives people energy and how easy it is to grow.

  • Moringa Stenopetala - the African Miracle Tree

    Moringa Stenopetala - the African Miracle Tree

    2 years ago

    Moringa Stenopetala is the "African Moringa" tree. It is also called "Mother's Helper", because it helps increase the milk supply for nursing mothers. The leaves are nutritious, and delicious, too!