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I like mystery, suspense and detective fictions(deductions are awesome), science, engineering, technology (especially one emphasizing mobility and portability like gadgets and software), anime and manga. I also really like about wisdom, especially from Buddhism and Bible-based Christianity; and planning to write more hubs from these two great wisdom sources.

My username is derived from: a.)Shadow from shadow games of Yu-gi-oh! and b.)clow from Clow Reed of Cardcaptor Sakura. The common denominator of the two names is that both anime characters create and use cards. 

I don't like mythology even though I like Yu-gi-oh!. I only like yugioh because the two main characters are cool: 1.) Yugi - child in heart but smart in games. 2.) Dark Yugi - Yugi's alter ego that is amazingly knowledgeable, intelligent and wise. The combination of the two results in - child in heart but grown-up in mind.

Never trust to general impressions, but concentrate yourself upon details. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle; A Case of Identity(Sherlock Holmes)

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