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Truth is stranger than fiction, that's what people say. I was also told I was crazy to write this book in this time. But this is a story people should hear. I remember the events that followed the day everything changed.

I am the captain of the Hellfire and this is my story. 

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  • Ghostbusters Proton pack build

    Ghostbusters Proton pack build

    9 months ago

    Hello all, sorry I have not been on for a while but this was a very big project. So for all those Ghostbuster fans, please enjoy this build hub.

  • Hellfire, Planet of the Dead volume 5

    Hellfire, Planet of the Dead volume 5

    8 months ago

    Planet of the dead is the 5th in the series of short stories from the Hellfire universe. This story will complete the 1st series & lead to the 1st Darkness War our crew must fight. Enjoy this preview

  • Devil May Cry, Dante's Hand Guns

    Devil May Cry, Dante's Hand Guns

    3 years ago

    Devil May Cry Hand Pistols Replica’s I have always been a big fan of the Devil May Cry game series, and over the years I have played all the games and been given two statues, One of Dante and one of Nero. ...

  • Hellfire Volune 4 intro

    Hellfire Volune 4 intro

    9 months ago

    This is the introduction to the 4th story in the first Hellfire series, it is an epic war, spy adventure with a twist and is now available in print form in, Hellfire Origins Hellfire Volume 4 Call to War ...

  • Volume 3 Deadlock intro

    Volume 3 Deadlock intro

    9 months ago

    Volume 3 Deadlock is a roller coaster ride of action, love and deadly adventure. You will meet two new alien races and find out more about the Evil Falsec pirate race.

  • The Hellfire Earth built Battle Ship

    The Hellfire Earth built Battle Ship

    9 months ago

    This short hub will give you an insight into the Captain's home and ship. Some back ground information and a look at space vessels of the future.