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My name is Sheila. I am a frustrated singer, writer, and photographer. I was born at the time when earrings were big and the hair was bigger. And Cindy Lauper was singing Time After Time. I grew up watching Princess Sarah and Voltes V on analog TV’s. And yes, I fell for Daddy Long Legs too. How I wish I had pigtails then. I like the sound of the rain, best when you sit by the window with a cup of coffee. I enjoy gazing at the stars while the crickets sing their song in the night. I love listening to the waves as they rush to the shore, as much as I adore each and every sunset. And the sweet smell of grass (and sugarcane harvest) will always remind me of home. I (easily) cry watching teleseryes and sad movies. I would love to have a cat and a dog as pets one day. I believe that we are all in search for the ultimate raison d’etre. I just hope that we do not forget to live while looking for it.

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  • That One Special Night

    That One Special Night

    7 months ago

    Prom nights are very special. We all had anxiously, excitedly anticipated for this unforgettable moment in our high school years.

  • Ambivalent


    7 months ago

    That hard-to-explain part of you that yearns so much for something, yet when you finally have it in your hands, you become afraid to hold on to it.