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Hello readers! My name is Shane, and I am an Information Science and Technology graduate of Penns State University.  My hobbies include soccer, drumming, and of course, video games! I am always open to requests if you need a how-to guide for any game. I am mostly a Steam gamer, but I also have many of the consoles and handhelds to play around with as well, so don't hesitate to ask for a guide if you notice a void in the many video game blogs and tutorials out there. I recently started my Youtube channel as well, which I will use to post video game guides, tips, and tricks among the many other activities I do in my life. Be sure to follow @Shwheelz on Twitter for the latest on me, and I look forward to hearing from you soon!

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  • Pokemon XY - Chain Fishing

    Pokemon XY - Chain Fishing

    2 years ago

    How to catch shinies in Pokemon XY without any external devices

  • How To Sell Unusual Hats In TF2

    How To Sell Unusual Hats In TF2

    23 months ago

    Let's talk unusuals. Once you're in the market, how to do go about selling them? Between the sharks and phisherman, it's a wonder how traders are able to make profit. Today, I'm going to share some of my tricks with...

  • How To Build A Team - Pokemon XY

    How To Build A Team - Pokemon XY

    2 years ago

    Welcome to my team building guide! I've been battling competitively since early 4th gen, and was able to win a few tournaments on various forums. I like to bring teams to the table that look very standard but throw a...

  • IV Breeding in Pokemon XY and ORAS

    IV Breeding in Pokemon XY and ORAS

    23 months ago

    Hello readers! Today I'm going to teach you how to breed for perfect IVs in Pokemon XY for the 3DS. IV breeding is one of the many methods that competitive battlers use to get the edge on their opponents, and it is...

  • How to Kill a Sentry: TF2

    How to Kill a Sentry: TF2

    23 months ago

    Teammates blindly running through sentry fire? Going up against competent engineers? No worries! This guide will give you the edge when trying to bring down a sentry gun in Team Fortress 2. This guide will be ordered by...

  • How To Make Profit: Team Fortress 2

    How To Make Profit: Team Fortress 2

    24 months ago

    A beginner's guide to the basics of profit-making, including in-game funds and real money! Learn how to get started from the ground up with real examples and suggestions!