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Roderick Sibaja, I enjoy riding, kickboxing, health and fitness in general.  I am a personal security specialist and enjoy a varied assortment of hobbies.  I enjoy movies especially action and horror genres. I have been married for 23 years to my best friend.

Feel free to visit any of my sites, I am sure you will find them interesting

I Love My Shiba Inu
Survival Pack
Monavie Ingredients
Best Zombie Movies Ever
Female Muscle Growth
Alaska Fishing Lodges

Feel free to join my fan club, I comment on each new fans hubs as best as I can.  I will be glad to join your fan club as well. 

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  • Best Zombie Movies

    Best Zombie Movies

    6 years ago

    What's not to love about zombies! They are not just mindless, flesh-eating, brain-loving cadavers, they are much more, unlike any other movie monster, Zombies have no agenda, no evil plans -in fact they have no plans at...