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I've been collecting and drinking scotch for a few years now and not long ago decided that Scotch reviews would be a nice hobby. What i found during this process is there is no current single website that is a good guide for beginners and intermediates as to which scotch to look for. It is now my MISSION to develop a comprehensive list of linked pages which will allow people to search by Price and Taste to find a scotch that will suit, before spending good money on a scotch they don't like. i hope you enjoy!

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  • Sweet Scotch

    Sweet Scotch

    3 years ago

    Still on that quest to find your perfect Single Malt? This page should be a good guide for anyone who enjoys a 'sweet', 'floral', 'fruity' or 'chocolatey' dram. It may be a surprise but, increasingly, there are a number...

  • Smokey Scotch

    Smokey Scotch

    3 years ago

    During the production of most Scotch Whisky, a level of peat smoke is introduced to the kiln to add phenols, which gives a smoky aroma and flavour to the drink. Phenols and, hence 'smokiness' can be measured in PPM...