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Hello, I'm Julie. As you can probably tell by my user name, skiing is a huge part of my life. My ski career turns 22 this year. In addition to recreational skiing I've been racing, instructing, and coaching ski racers for a number of years. About 4 years ago I started working at a local ski shop to get myself through college. Now, I've been promoted to work full time managing the web content for all of the great product on Skis.com. As part of my job I also serve as the women's ski guru and write much of the informational content on the website.

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  • Bern Helmets | Helmets vs. Hard Hats

    Bern Helmets | Helmets vs. Hard Hats

    4 years ago

    Bern Helmets are becoming an increasingly popular choice for skiers, snowboarders, bikers, skaters and other extreme sports enthusiasts. Bern creates multi-sport helmets by making the winter pads kit removable, so many...

  • It's Time to Ditch the Rear Entry Ski Boots!

    It's Time to Ditch the Rear Entry Ski Boots!

    5 years ago

    It's time to ditch the Rear Entry Ski Boots and join us in the land of performance and comfort. Using Rear Entry Ski boots in 2011 is comparable to Driving a Model T as your every day car. The technology and philosophy...