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I'm an online English teacher who uses Skype to teach my students and I often make lessons for them connected to TV shows - I believe that watching TV shows regularly is the best method of learning English, especially if done in a structured way. My students retell me the episodes in class and we discuss some of the themes. This helps revise vocabulary and focus on various grammatical nuances. I hope that these lessons are helpful to other busy TEFL teachers, as well as to students who are looking for some free English self study courses. Please share my lessons with others and like them to show your support. If you are interested in online lessons add me to your contacts by following the link on my lessons. My skype names are davetefl and sethpeck. My website is Skype English Lessons

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  • English Lessons for The Simpsons

    English Lessons for The Simpsons

    4 years ago

    This is a series of English lessons to accompany the hit US sitcom. They are designed so that you can learn English vocabulary and grammar but have fun at the same time. I publish all my video lessons on my website, but...