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About Me I am a very optimistic person with a great sense of humor and I love brightening people's days, making people laugh, having adventure, and preforming! Hobbies Doing having fun, riding horses, crocheting, knitting, drawing, reading, writing stories and poetry, writing music, learning, helping people, doing stuff with animals, using the computer, reading, writing, painting, watching movies, inspiring people, listening to music, singing, playing music (guitar, flute, and piano), working on my websites, and being outdoors! Pets Spud and Sugar, two adorable, 7-year old basset hounds. My Blogs Info About Pets Real Music Lives Favorite Musicians -Bob Dylan -The Beatles -Paul McCartney -Wings -Heart -Led Zeppelin -Heart -Pink Floyd

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  • All About Havana Rabbits

    All About Havana Rabbits

    6 years ago

    Havana rabbits can make great pets, but is a havana rabbit a good rabbit breed for you? I have a little English Spot rabbit that was born on March 7, 2009. I adopted him on April 11, 2009. Now, before I got him, I...