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Sophia Heresford is a licensed massage therapist, avid health nut, and a contradiction because she also has extensive corporate business experience. On top of that, she's an avid tech geek, loves to cook and works with learning disabled students to improve reading and math skills.

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  • The Hiring and Firing of a Sociopath

    The Hiring and Firing of a Sociopath

    8 weeks ago

    Despite my gut feeling that it was a bad idea, I hired X for many reasons. Eventually, after eight long, demoralizing months, she gave the jig up and simply never came back.

  • Potty Training How To

    Potty Training How To

    6 years ago

    Potty training a toddler can be an exercise in frustration. Not to mention messy. Here are some free potty training tips that will help parents keep their cool. 1. Accept you are not in control. Potty training is all...

  • Make Home Remedies for Acne -- Get Rid of Acne

    Make Home Remedies for Acne -- Get Rid of Acne

    6 years ago

    With a little time and just a bit of money, you can have clear, radiant skin. Get rid of your acne with these easy and effective home remedies for acne.