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Hey, I’m Sparkster Hubs, also known as Marc Hubs. I am primarily a self-published writer and author living in the UK.

I am an avid reader and writer with a particular interest in consciousness, the subconscious mind and the true nature of reality. I am also a former victim of narcissistic abuse with Narcissistic Personality Disorder being the topic that I am most known for.

I have studied, researched and experimented with mind, psychology, psychiatry, consciousness and quantum physics and all topics related for most of my life with many various breakthroughs happening at regular intervals - breakthroughs which defy our understanding of conventional science.

Whilst I have an excellent grasp on science and psychology, I have also become a very spiritual (but not religious) person and have had what would be considered numerous "paranormal" experiences and have learned very much about how it works and can access it at will.

My extensive studies, research and experimentation into the true nature of reality and the human mind have also led me into having a good understanding of how the spiritual/metaphysical world works and have learned how to use many psychic abilities intentionally with measurable and undeniable success.

This includes direct experiences with UFOs/ETs and other similar phenomena which are often categorized under the field of parapsychology. I have written two books so far, Know Your Enemy: Reflections Of NPD and Secrets Behind The UFO Disclosure Movement.

I am also currently taking part in Dr Edgar Mitchell's FREE (Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial Encounters) academic research program.

Available to hire at http://hirewriters.com/writers/sparkster

Know Your Enemy: Reflections Of NPD available here:


New book in progress: Secrets Behind The UFO Disclosure Movement

Read the first chapter for FREE: https://www.goodreads.com/story/show/374768-secrets-behind-the-ufo-disclosure-movement

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