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Joining HubPages sure has changed the way I look at things in my daily life, especially TV.  This is turning out to be quite an adventure.  I look at and listen to things as potential fodder for a new hub, and indeed, I got one.  I hope to join you all in sharing personal stories of my military experiences, poems, the English language and insights into life's lessons as well as a few hubs to forums.  I've composed poetry since I was a young girl but never started writing it down until about 10 years ago.  Of course, you know what that means--I've lost most of it.  While serving in the US Army, I was often tasked to write documents and letters that related to the work I did.  I even won a first place for my piece on Women in the Army in 1976.  When I finally started capturing it on paper, I was able to share it with friends and family and actually write pieces for others.  I took a job with a local newspaper that began a new section about local people and events.  That's when I got my first by-line.  What a glorious day that was.  Next I took a job at a local college in order to defry tuition and wrote volumes of papers for my classes and poetry and articles for the college paper.  A year or so after I got my AS in Business Management I started a new career which put me in another spot to write for my colleagues as well as training documents.  Presently I'm involved with a writing group.  Our work is to keep us active and advance our writing abilities.  Unable to find a part-time job at this time, I'm hoping to make a dollar or two hubbing.  Wish me luck. 

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