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Having been an online writer since Christmas 2007, I can only say the experience has been entirely positive. I discovered an online publisher quite by accident and I'm so pleased I did. Many writers would never otherwise have the opportunity to write to a worldwide audience if it were not for reputable sites such as HubPages.It offers some of the best possibilities to progress as an Internet writer.

Any real remuneration from being an online writer is practically zero and will likely never put bread on the table - except for a select few who will miraculously meet all the right people in all the right places at all the right times! It's never happened to me yet, so do something else if the accumulation of money is your only real objective for writing.

There is great satisfaction however in knowing that someone on the other side of the planet can read an article you've written who will gather some knowledge and perhaps gain some benefit from it that can change their lives for the better in some small way. The spread of knowledge is in a category all of its own - quite apart from the acquisition of money.

Much of my writing was sitting in a drawer gathering dust, so becoming an online writer has not only given me the opportunity to publish my writing but has also provided me with the inspiration to write more.

If you like a piece of my writing and feel others may benefit from it, please feel free to pin, tweet and Facebook the links to friends, family and business associates. All feedback is welcome, both positive and negative and response will be given by me in all instances.

I think everyone can do something useful in the world by passing on relevant information that will be helpful to others, the main thing to remember is that nowadays with the help of the Internet, you can really make a positive difference to someone, somewhere by the sharing of your knowledge and experience of life.

Whenever possible I use my own photos to illustrate my articles and when this is not possible I will always give acreditation to the original source.

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