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Originally from Sherbrooke,Canada, I have also lived and worked in Alberta and British Columbia. Internationally, I spent a year teaching in Scotland and six years teaching Mathematics in Wuhan, China before recently retiring to Thailand.

Five years into teaching math and chemistry, I quit and attended art school where I trained to become a studio potter. This gave me a practical application of my years of science training as I developed glazes and pondered over the physics of gas, electric and wood-fired kilns. After ten years in the art world, I returned to teaching, which I have always loved with a passion.

I am an avid motorcyclist and have toured over 40,000 kilometers of North America in the last ten years.The saga continued in China with my Chang Jiang 750cc, a Chinese side-car motorcycle that I love to use to brave the China traffic and now will continue in Thailand!

My wife and I love to travel, and my recent retirement to Chiangmai will give us the opportunity to carry on our love affair with Asia and continue to explore neighboriing exotic countries.

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