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Hello! I'm new to Squidoo, but not to writing. I typically write fiction like screenplays, teleplays, short stories, and others. I've come to Squidoo for a place to try out writing articles on the internet, without having to learn any HTML. I'm writing primarily about iPad and iPhone apps (with a big emphasis on games). I also have a degree in media studies. So I may do a number of lens on TV, Film, and other aspects of the entertainment industry.

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  • Battle Nations Review and Guide

    Battle Nations Review and Guide

    4 years ago

    This is the latest game from Z2Live, the Makers of Trade Nations and MetalStorm. If you are familiar with those two games, you know that alone should be reason to get excited, as they are a few of the best free apps...

  • The Best 15 iPhone and iPad Games... For Free

    The Best 15 iPhone and iPad Games... For Free

    4 years ago

    If you are new to the the world of Gaming on either your iPad or iPhone, you are probably excited to jump in... just not quite sure where. The Apple App Store has a number of games featured as it's TOP FREE APPS, but...