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My name is Elizabeth and I live in the UK where I work as a freelance web designer and on-page, and off-page optimization consultant. I worked as a software engineer for many years before getting involved with creating commercial internet applications in 2001.

My background in software means I've designed and programmed various computer systems including those in banking, petro-chemical and hospitality industries.

Since moving to a rural area and giving up full-time employment, I've worked with small business people training them to use the web, and in some cases training any willing victims to write and maintain their own web sites!

I believe all small business people who have or aspire to a web site of their own, need some appreciation of how a web page works plus a pretty keen interest in effective search engine optimization strategies. Why?

Well, either because they could catch the web design bug and go on to eventually design and maintain their own sites, or, so they can fully understand and benefit from the professional web people they'll end up working with.

Either way, understanding more rather than less about the web can only help small business people make the correct decisions for online success.

Oh - and I'm restoring a house that is 500 years old. Now that is an old house.

For a more candid profile - please read my about page on my blog

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