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Susanna was teethed in a Health Professional small business. Her mother was a dietician and her father a food technologist. From a very young age, she helped her parents in their business from filing (when she needed a step ladder because she was too small to reach the top drawer of the filing cabinet) all the way through to bookkeeping and database management.

Susanna comes to Business Coaching after a 17-year career in teaching (singing, yoga & meditation). She has a proven track record of delivering high-quality education and co-creating the desired outcomes of her clients.

For Susanna, Business Coaching is the ultimate vehicle for making the biggest impact on people’s lives. Small business owners spend the majority of their time working in, or stressing out, about their business. It doesn’t need to be this way. In fact, that behaviour needs to change right now! It IS possible to have a ridiculous amount of fun growing your business and live a fantastic life! Susanna believes that with the right thinking, we can take the right action and get the right results.

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