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Passionate and Creative Goofball, Writer, Author, Content Creator, Blogger, Mother, Adventurer, Free Spirit, Lover of Live, & Spiritiual Evolution! It is my goal to inspire others by sharing my life story in the form of writing. I want to inspire others to love themselves, pursue their passion, & to seek their purpose on this earth. I want others to know, how your story begins is not how it has to end. You can be and do anything you desire, but you must want it enough that you let nothing and no one stop you. Never let your breaking discourage you from continuing on your journey, because the breaking is necessary to mold you into the masterpiece you were created to be. Stop selling yourself short and know you were destined for greatness, but you must realize this within yourself first before anyone else can! Embrace your light, because you were made to shine! ~ Suzie Suttles

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