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I am a lover of life. Was with and married to one man for 20 years and although it did not last it has taught me some great lessons to carry on in my life as well as my next relationship. I want to share what I have learned and what I am still learning from that relationship. I hope that my writings will bless others to work on their relationship and listen to one another and this way maybe, just maybe we can prevent broken families and relationships. Also bloging on Wordpress: https://ayonnathornhill.wordpress.com/

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  • Who Cares Who I Love!?

    Who Cares Who I Love!?

    5 months ago

    Love is Universal, so why does it matter so much to people who someone else loves? In my personal opinion I think the problem with our society is that we are so focused on what the next man/woman is doing instead of...

  • Self-Love = Divine Love

    Self-Love = Divine Love

    2 months ago

    This year I made a choice to focus primarily on myself and my children after a 20+ year relationship that ended in a divorce. I told family, friends and co-workers that I was going on a self-love journey this year. I...

  • Love Me, Because I Need You!

    Love Me, Because I Need You!

    4 months ago

    For me personally, I desire a man who will be honest with me, who will communicate openly with me, one who is loyal, supportive and although he likes to have a good time and goof off he also is responsible. I need a man...

  • Let It Go!! Let It Go!!!

    Let It Go!! Let It Go!!!

    4 months ago

    When we let go of what lies behind us, it gives us the opportunity to enjoy what lies in front of us.