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My poems and writings are dedicated to my sons whom I love with all my heart, and existence. I hope that these writings will encourage them in a life of knowing Jesus Christ personally; help guide them in a world of predators; strengthen them with the awareness that whatever they might go through, others have experienced the same trials, and therefore, they are not alone; give them trust that there is a beautiful life ahead, awaiting us, in Heaven; increase their appreciation and gratitude for the simpler things in life (this will bring happiness); and, provide them with a view into Mom's secret life as an Oompa Loompa, a pirate, and also my relationship with Spock. (Smiles). I do not have much material-wise to give to my beautiful sons, so here, I give to them myself.

I enjoy many styles of writing, but my four most favorite types are Metaphors, Rhyming, Satire, and Lyrical Poetry! I frequently embed much deeper meaning underneath the surface of my writings.

None of my Narcissist or Sociopath poems or writings are about any particular person(s), but are merely written for that of sharing experiences, helping and supporting others, and increasing insight, perspective, and awareness concerning "Wolves in Sheep's Clothing".

Per my poems, and various writings, our Bulldog, Thor, does not really have purple, sparkly wings, which he uses to fly around the neighborhood (they are actually forest-green); I actually do not drink double Margaritas and throw-up all over my self (I usually throw-up in the bathroom sink; (kidding)); and, I am not in a romantic relationship with Chewbaca; it's actually Spock.

I wish everyone, everywhere, (but, especially my beloved sons) Joy, Hope, Faith, and the knowledge of God's Tender Love for each and every one!

* Despite what your eyes might possibly see, or what your ears should happen to hear, Trust In God.*


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