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"Just a small town girl, living in a lonely world." (Journey)

I grew up in a small farm-town in Ontario, Canada. Relocated to the United States after college with my husband (who rocks). I recently took up martial arts, which is so much fun.

I am also a registered nurse and a home educator. I started writing seriously two years ago. I have had a few freelance jobs but I have been too busy with other things right now to be able to concentrate fully on writing.  

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  • My Favorite Southern Expressions

    My Favorite Southern Expressions

    7 years ago

    Eat up with the dumb-ass Balls to the walls People would look at my feet all the time...to see if I was barefoot. Older than dirt gimme some sugar You goin Jukin tonight? He sure is puny She treats me like the...

  • Little Girls Love Polly Pocket Dolls

    Little Girls Love Polly Pocket Dolls

    5 years ago

    I'm writing this because I just finished cleaning out my daughter's room. There must have been fifteen Polly Pocket dolls under the bed and in every crack and crevice there were Polly's accessories. Every holiday,...

  • What I Love Most About Being a Nurse

    What I Love Most About Being a Nurse

    4 years ago

    Nursing is a very demanding profession, both mentally and physically. Nurses work long hours. Nurses spend most of their working hours on their feet. Nurses do not just take care of patients; they take care...