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We write on a number of topics from history to crafts to food. Our most common topic is history and we like to make deep dives into a particular topic. We also love to hear your feedback, so if you disagree with what we have said or have a different perspective, please share it on the lens.

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  • Da Vinci Inventions

    Da Vinci Inventions

    3 years ago

    I used to own a copy of Leonardo's Notebooks a long time ago, but I foollshly gave it away when I moved to Canada. I have since bought another copy and simply marvel at his ingenuity. While I admire Da Vinci's...

  • Marco Polo Truth or Lies

    Marco Polo Truth or Lies

    3 years ago

    I'm not going to go into details about what Marco saw or where he went - precisely because the book is so well known, even today in 2011. Anyone can read his book - there are links to the book on Gutenberg in the...

  • Captain James Cook

    Captain James Cook

    2 years ago

    In 1588 (as we all should know) England had decisively won the battle against the Spanish Armada and rendered Spain powerless, thus allowing England to become the dominant power at sea over the next 3 centuries. ...

  • Glycemic Index Diet vs. Paleo Diet

    Glycemic Index Diet vs. Paleo Diet

    2 years ago

    We cut through the clutter to compare the G.I. diet and Paleo diet

  • Candle Clocks

    Candle Clocks

    2 years ago

    Candle Clocks - Marking the Passage of Time

  • The Pioneer Woman Cooks

    The Pioneer Woman Cooks

    3 years ago

    She is a top celebrity chef online, but you probably have never heard of her. She has been on TV Daytime talk shows where she talks about her life and cooks up a storm, but her name means nothing to you. Her story truly...

  • Collectible Antique Maps

    Collectible Antique Maps

    2 years ago

    History of Antique Maps

  • Nellie McClung Facts

    Nellie McClung Facts

    3 years ago

    Three months ago in January 2011, I was challenged in the Jenga Game to make a lens about Canadian women's history. So I created this lens about the Womens Suffragette movement focusing on Nellie McClung, one of its...

  • David James Elliott Facts

    David James Elliott Facts

    3 years ago

    David James Elliott's real name is actually David William Smith. He was born in Milton, Ontario, Canada in 1960. He is best known for playing the character of Commander Harmon Rabb Junior on the TV series JAG which ran...

  • Richard Dean Anderson Facts

    Richard Dean Anderson Facts

    2 years ago

    TV Star, Richard Dean Anderson

  • Marbled Paper Crafts

    Marbled Paper Crafts

    6 months ago

    How to make Marbled Paper

  • Mosaics of the Ancient World

    Mosaics of the Ancient World

    3 years ago

    Ancient mosaics can be found all over the Mediterrean from France and Italy, through Greece and Turkey to Jordan and Syria and also across Egypt and North Africa as well. This lens is an attempt to give a brief history...

  • Pierre Berton - Canadian Icon

    Pierre Berton - Canadian Icon

    3 years ago

    I have made this lens for Rocket Moms University - Session 12 - Lesson 2 - Let's Get Niche My Niche Topic is - Books, Poetry & Writing » Authors » Non Fiction Authors. Pierre Berton's...

  • The Magdalene Line Trilogy

    The Magdalene Line Trilogy

    3 years ago

    Kathleen McGowan is a well known author. She is notable for her claim to be the descendant of Jesus of Nazareth and Mary Magdalene. Do you believe or do you think that it is possible that Jesus was married to Mary...

  • Mel and Kim

    Mel and Kim

    3 years ago

    Mel and Kim Appleby, born to British and Jamaican parents, were noticed dancing in a nightclub in their native London and subsequently signed a recording contract with Supreme Records under the guidance of production...