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I'm a 41 year-old, computer geek with a radical streak.

I see the rise of corporate power as the main domestic threat to this nation and see the "Tea Party" movement as a creation of corporations and the CEO's to try and maintain and expand thier power. I'm the 'Labor and Union Examiner' for Harrisburg, PA, and proud to stand with the "%99". I attempted to create a progressive forum called "American Vendetta".

I'm also a halfway-decent photographer and likely the only person who can find former WWE star Jeff Hardy and former South African President Nelson Mandela equally admirable.

I'm working on a web page as a sort of portfolio to try and merge my convictions with my talents.

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    • Am I Missing Something Here?

      Am I Missing Something Here?

      3 years ago

      We've seen states petition to secede from the United States, we have citizens arming themseves for a rebellion, but the folks who want the wealthy and corps to pay more in taxes, see a living minimum wage, and want to...

    • Anarchy vs Mob Rule

      Anarchy vs Mob Rule

      4 years ago

      This is something that a post to Facebook inspired--sorta. It seems to me that people don't quite know the difference between anarchy and mob rule. To me they are different, perhaps I see it that way because there...

    • What would it take to get you to 'take up arms'?

      What would it take to get you to 'take up arms'?

      4 years ago

      I was talking to a freind and mentioned that I could see two options for me in a Romney/Perry/Paul America; flee to Europe, specifically a country like Denmark or Norway, or stand and fight. At one point I may have...