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I live in the country where mice are a real problem. Finding solutions for my home allows me to share what I have learned with others. Finding the best mouse trap isn't the only information you'll need when learning how to catch a mouse, knowing the habits, hazards and transmitted diseases of mice is also crucial, the most important factor is mouse control and prevention.

About me? I would rather be on the web learning about something new, than watching TV. Sounds boring I know, but at 50 I still love learning. Through my web travels, I've learned how to make money selling on ebay which I have been doing for 13 years, content writing, SEO, webdesign, keyword research, and loads of things I'll probably never have time to try.

Learning is one thing, applying it is another. This is my second real internet marketing endeavor and I'm having a great time, but haven't earned enough to live on by a long shot. Still plugging away, I don't give up easy. I find new ideas every day and want to share them with others trying to find thier way to making money on the web. I started a new site where I can share my ideas and finds.

The-BestMouseTrap is my first profile on Hubpages; I wish I had the forsight to use my name instead of a keyword, but there are advantages to both. My first affiliate site began with the topic of Halloween, I posted at Squidoo in addition to my Halloween Decoration ideas website. The Squidoo platform is similiar in concept to Hubpages, but I find Hubbers to be the most helpful people and WAY friendlier too.

If I've helped you in your search for information, and you are thinking of joining any of the sites mentioned, please consider using my referrals to the site pages listed here. When you join hubpages or other sites, look me up. I'll be the first to welcome you to your new platform. I like Hubpages much better than all other platforms, not because it's where I made the most money so far, but because Google loves Hubs. Not to mention, the people at Hubpages are the friendliest group of bloggers I've ever come accross.

I also write at EzineArticles and GoArticles they are good for a backlink and exposure. Best-Reviewer, is a top ten list, top three, what ever you want it to be. After a few "tops", you can whip them out in less than 15 minutes. Use your Adsense account as well. Each item in your top serves as a backlink, with the option to leave at least 10 backlinks.

Blogger and Posterous, recently added to my repertoire rounds, these simple blog platforms supported by widgets make posting quick. Blogger (or Blogspot)is a Google product, so use of Adsense if natural. Viglink, Amazon and Google Advertising Network are also suggested for use at Blogger. Like Hubpages, it too is widget driven.

Posterous, a no ads network, allows text, photo and video, with a few links to where ever you want. Posterous has private spaces as well, which is great for private sharing. The best part of Posterous is that you can autopost to Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Tumbr, Blogger, Scribd, Youtube, to name a few.

Feedburner is the only RSS I use, connected to Google makes analyze stats easy along with the option of Adsense.

Stumbleuon, Delicious along with Redgage are the only social bookmarking I need. At Redgage you can bookmark, blog on the mini platform, upload your blogs, videos, documents and images. Redgage has a referral program and a chance to make money there as well, however it is a small amount, but well worth the traffic and backlinks.

For the record, the image above isn't me, and I am too chicken to attach mouse traps to my face and fingers.

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