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A simple novelist. 

My stories are a variety. The aim is to write as many different stories as my heart desires, exploring the realm of possibilities through my creations. There is a sincere hope that you enjoy each story. 

A new story will be posted every Sunday.

Off-topic informational posts occasionally made randomly, but short stories/chapters are my main focus. 

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  • The Stray

    The Stray

    27 hours ago

    A day in the life of a stray, until something new unfolds.

  • A Nickel's Worth

    A Nickel's Worth

    8 days ago

    No one should be without basic necessities, but many are. They can be anywhere, from a different country to a nearby city to your own local car wash

  • The Grey in Her Eyes

    The Grey in Her Eyes

    2 weeks ago

    A short lived love, and the color grey.

  • The Smart Woman

    The Smart Woman

    11 days ago

    What would you do if you came across something out of the ordinary and highly suspicious?

  • The Mannequin Challenge

    The Mannequin Challenge

    11 days ago

    It seems as if the mannequin challenge has come to an end to be replaced by new challenges. This story is to commemorate its end... or perhaps, to take a dark twist on the challenge we once knew.

  • What We Leave Behind

    What We Leave Behind

    5 weeks ago

    Cherish everything you have, for as this character learns it's only too simple to leave it all behind and lose it. Yet the memories last a lifetime.

  • Feline Huntress

    Feline Huntress

    11 days ago

    Today I am trying something a bit more interactive. There will be three similar short stories. Your task is to figure out which one is the point of view of a lion, a cheetah and a jaguar.

  • The Chain Letter: A Reflective Look

    The Chain Letter: A Reflective Look

    11 days ago

    Short story. Leslie receives a typical chain letter from a mysterious source, quick to delete it as anyone would. What happens next, she could never expect.

  • A Longer than Life Obsession

    A Longer than Life Obsession

    11 days ago

    Short story. Even after death, what would you treasure most? After joining the afterlife, a man finds a small item he cannot ever wish to part with.

  • The Leap

    The Leap

    11 days ago

    Short Story. A kitten with a choice to jump or face danger.

  • The Worth of Finley

    The Worth of Finley

    11 days ago

    Fantasy short story. A boy comes across a special gem, and could never imagine what is to come from it.

  • In Good Faith

    In Good Faith

    8 weeks ago

    Realistic fiction short story. An abandoned dog's point of view. Take care of your precious pets, and hold them close because you are everything to them.

  • Today's Children, Tomorrow's Future

    Today's Children, Tomorrow's Future

    11 days ago

    Realistic fiction short story. A child in bitter cold, searching for warmth and comfort.