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I'm a French teacher married to a military man. We've lived in three Canadian provinces and might be moving to a fourth next year. I'm currently learning Spanish in preparation for a trip to Spain to walk the Camino de Santiago. I write about travel, language learning - and anything else that catches my attention.

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      • Can I transfer hubs to a new username?

        Can I transfer hubs to a new username?

        4 years ago

        I want to get a new username for branding purposes. Is there a way to transfer certain hubs from my old username to a new one? Or to link them to my new username somehow?I'd hate to delete them and start over...

      • How long is too long?

        How long is too long?

        4 years ago

        OK, I'm pretty sure I already know the answer to this. But I have a 3700 word hub about learning Spanish using online resources, and I'm worried that it's too long. Am I allowed to post a link here for advice, or is...

      • is there a way to have links open in a new window?

        is there a way to have links open in a new window?

        4 years ago

        I've tried to do this with html, but it gets "cleaned up" and removed. Having links open in a new window is just good online business. It lets you send your readers to useful resources without sending them...

      • Too many videos?

        Too many videos?

        4 years ago

        I have a "Things to do in..." hub and I've added a bunch of Youtube videos so that people can get a feel for the things that I've listed. While I do think that the videos add value, I also feel that the hub...

      • page jumps?

        page jumps?

        4 years ago

        I'm working on a very long hub (right now it's at 2600 words), and I'd like to put page jumps in, so that someone could click on a title and skip to that part farther down on the same page. I know that in regular html,...

      • Do travel hubs do well?

        Do travel hubs do well?

        4 years ago

        I'm thinking about writing several more hubs about travel - in Canada, mostly (city guides, things to do, attractions, etc). Do travel hubs tend to perform well on HubPages? I'm wondering if it's worth trying to build...

      • Is it ok to use old stuff that no longer appears online?

        Is it ok to use old stuff that no longer appears online?

        4 years ago

        I'd like to turn some old blog posts into hubs - photos and text. They're from a non-monetized blog that I shut down over a year ago. Obviously, I'd be making some changes to them to update them and make them meet the...