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I have been writing now for several years. The day after the death of Amy Winehouse, I read a quote attributed to her: "As a writer, your self-worth is literally based on the last thing you wrote." This is exactly how I feel and I find myself now waiting, impatiently for the next thing to write about. Always.

One thing about me... I hate arrogance. If I have any obsession it's to challenge dogma that is delivered in an uncivil or close-minded manner. I will call anyone out on it even if I agree with their basic premise. Because of this you might be a bit confused as to what it is I really believe.

I think I should have called myself "The Five Minute Poet" because I typically write very quickly. What you get from me is what I think and I don't agonize over it. It's there and you see it here. I read a hub by Wayseeker where he discussed how 90% of what we write is probably not worthy but I think what I write is what it is and I do not have the patience or the wherewithal to turn anything I do into a project. I just speak in stream of consciousness form and that is my challenge.

[Please note that the following sections contain references to some of my hubs that at one time were links; Hubpages has changed some things and I haven't had the time to re-edit so unfortunately if any of these high-lighted hubs are of interest to you, it may require some digging on my site to find them. Sorry.]

The following piece (which has been a featured article on Hubpages) is how I think and as you can see I very cleverly called it "How I Think":

How I Think

I'm your classic left AND right brainer. So if I appear to be moody or all over the place then I've warned you.

I started out with prose/poetry but I've decided to start a series of hubs about accounting basics as I am a CPA (my dreaded day job). These hubs will target non-financial types (meaning you don't typically work with numbers) and I will attempt to simplify something that is boring and at times difficult to understand. Part one is here:

Financial Statements

If you don't like that stuff then try my poetry/prose which are Simply written; deeply felt; straight and without pretension (being something that I am not) - that's how I would describe my style... Twilight Lawns has described my genre as "emotive prose" and I think that's the best description of what I do naturally. I write in a conversational pattern that somewhat matches how I speak in a serious one-on-one conversation. I try at times to be as idealistic and naive as John Lennon could be. I also try to achieve an intensely empathetic nature when expressing the point of view of another person. I may at times appear to be narrow in my view and that is deliberate. Everything has two sides and at times I must choose which side I represent.

Lately I've come to realize that I am operating under some latent form of thought inspired by musicians from my high school days: Jethro Tull (Aqualung and Thick as a Brick) along with The Beatles (Strawberry Fields - "Living is easy with eyes closed; misunderstanding all you see"). The challenges to the status quo were being listened to nightly in a closed bedroom with head phones masking the sounds so I could project the illusion of slumber to my parents. Now... years later I go back and read those lyrics and nod to myself... yes... that's what I think too...

As for being labeled a poet, here is how I feel about that:

I Am A Poet; Not A Performer
What's A Poet To Do?

There are many, many hubbers whom I admire so I am very hesitant to specifically cite anyone in particular for fear of hurting someone else but these two ladies have taken my hand and given me the tools needed to elevate my poetic sense. They have taken the time to provide constructive criticism and to them I am most grateful:

Petra Vlah

And then there's Maven101... damn! Talk about tough love! But... it's cool and his strong eye always makes me think, "I wonder if Maven will shoot this out of the sky?"

The following hubs of mine have been a "Featured Article" by Hubpages at various times on the main home page and the home pages of Books, Writing and LIterature, Poems and Poetry, and Song Lyrics:

Inspiring Children To Write Poetry
Inside You
Are We Brain Dead?

Her Son Died On The Beach

What Am I Supposed To Believe?
Philadelphia, Mississippi
A Fist Shaken At The Heavens
We Will Begin
So Far Yet So Close
The Pedestal
I Thought You Were My Angel
Are You Alone For Christmas?
A True Story: Is Santa Claus Real?
Don't Put That Sign On Me
The Soul Of A Truck Driver
I Turned To See The Sunset (And All I Saw Was You)
Racism: Should They Get Over It?
Do I Judge The Poor?
A Bullet Feels No Pain
Girls Have a Brain Too
Forbidden Love
What Will You Do With Me?
Leave My Father Alone you Bastard
Hurry Up And Kiss Me

Oh yeah...my name is Mark, and I'm whatever age you wish to ascribe to me. I was born in Tallahassee, Florida. I have two children that I love more than life itself. My Father is from Cuba while my Mother is from Oklahoma. I'm pleased to be able to contribute to Hubpages, and it's always a good feeling to see new followers. I mainly write poems/prose/songs but on occasion give an opinion piece. I hope you can wade through the poetry, but I'm aware it can be tedious for most people. (Not mine! But poetry in general)

For years I played the piano but got the writing bug in 2007 when I wrote this piece because of my frustrations with death and destruction:

Why Do We Have To Sing This Song?

Now I rarely play the piano because writing is in my blood. For many years I spent much of my free-time arguing with people on political chat rooms but I finally "kicked the habit" because 1) nobody ever changed their mind regardless of the evidence against their position and 2) people were cruel and vile to one another.

The good thing about the above is that my personal opinions were challenged and I realized how biased I was in many ways due to my environment. I feel the experience has changed me to be a truth-seeker which is much harder than it sounds. As I see it a truth-seeker is a person who will accept the truth regardless of what it is and is capable of abandoning long-held beliefs when confronted with an alternative view that successfully contradicts the previously held position. In other words it takes an emotionally mature person aka an adult. Is that me? Well, let's just say it's a goal.

I don't read much in the way of poetry... I am trying to be as original as I can be so I don't want to cloud my mind with someone else's style. I spend most of my alone time thinking about things and then challenge myself to express it to others as best as I can.

After spending some time here and interacting with many interesting people I feel compelled to say something about my reference points: I mention the Bible, God, Jesus, etc in many of my pieces. This does not mean I'm preaching or that I am a Christian (not that there is anything wrong with that). They are merely cultural references in many cases used to illustrate a point. I say this only to ask that you not assume anything about my personal beliefs. I'm not evangelizing or attempting to convert anyone to any particular belief. I'm just doing my thinking and my writing.

I've made some traction as of late as a school in Houston (Writers in the Schools) has used some of my poems in a poetry class for elementary school children. I've received some very gratifying words of thanks and praise and best of all, have received copies of poems written by the children using some of my work (mainly the title and theme) as a basis for their efforts.

In April of 2011 I gave a three-hour presentation to approximately 60 fourth graders about poetry at Annunciation Orthodox School (also in Houston) and it went very well. They even swarmed me for my autograph when it was over! This is definitely the coolest thing that has ever happened to me.

All works posted by The Suburban Poet on Hubpages are copyrighted.

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  • Poem - The Sky Is Jealous Of You

    Poem - The Sky Is Jealous Of You

    5 years ago

    The sky is beautiful tonight But not as beautiful as you The moon has vanquished the stars But you brought them back to life They have gathered together Moving closer to be by your side But they will slowly fade away...

  • Song Lyrics - Two Worlds (which one is me?)

    Song Lyrics - Two Worlds (which one is me?)

    6 years ago

    The traffic has stopped once again My journey to a slow death never ends There is a man that I must please Inside my head the winter begins its daily freeze As I sleep the thaw of creation begins I float in a world of...

  • Song Lyrics - Wish Away

    Song Lyrics - Wish Away

    6 years ago

    This was an unfinished piece (Wish Away lines) from a couple of years ago. This morning I woke up with the first four lines in my head from a dream. Then I filled in a few others. When you are dreaming like this you...

  • Poem - What's A Poet To Do?

    Poem - What's A Poet To Do?

    6 years ago

    What do you want from me? Words spoken oh so meekly? Shall I acquiesce To war and religiousness? What is art and freedom? If the poet cannot reason And reach out to the human heart Where hate and love do part I beg of...

  • Poem - The Age of Awakening

    Poem - The Age of Awakening

    6 years ago

    The age of awakening When a boy becomes a man No longer just listening He questions who holds his hand A revelation of life His mind now his own He will continue to search His thoughts no longer on loan From the...

  • Tupac Said

    Tupac Said

    2 months ago

    Tupac said F the world...

  • Poem - Christian State or War Machine?

    Poem - Christian State or War Machine?

    6 years ago

    Caution: anger and thought ahead; there is no comfort in the words that follow; they are accusatory, idealistic and from the heart: Hey Christian state Why do we perpetuate the hate With all our tools of death Stopping...

  • Poem - The Song in Your Head

    Poem - The Song in Your Head

    6 years ago

    Is there a song in your head? Is it about happy Or dread? Does your mind echo From emptiness And of love hanging by a thread? Can you not fill it With your own being Rather than another's instead? Do you live on...

  • Poem - The Naked Poet

    Poem - The Naked Poet

    3 years ago

    Singing without music Nowhere to hide A poem lives WIth naked pride Words standing alone With deliberate syncopation Powerful Firing the imagination Show them the skies Lay your soul bare You are the chariot You alone...

  • Prose - A Womans Guide to Rejecting a Lounge Lizard (if you will take my advice)

    Prose - A Womans Guide to Rejecting a Lounge Lizard (if you will take my advice)

    6 years ago

    "Hey good lookin' can I buy you a drink?" A Shakespearean muse cannot alas venture forth upon the fragrance of allure "WTF? Are you high?" Love is my intoxication and thus I've become an 18th century daffodil who...

  • Poem - You Went to Find God and Thought of Me

    Poem - You Went to Find God and Thought of Me

    6 years ago

    Someone I've never met flew to Jerusalem and while there bought me a Star of David and a Rosary... On the wings of a dream You floated In the search for meaning You remained devoted While fulfilling your aim You...

  • Poem - You Dropped Me!

    Poem - You Dropped Me!

    6 years ago

    Hey! I saw that You dropped me You skittish little cat Was it an anomaly Or an act of disgust? You can leave if you want But ask you I must Why? Did I follow too much? Or am I just too sensitive My words just a crutch...

  • Poem - I Am a Poet; Not a Performer

    Poem - I Am a Poet; Not a Performer

    6 years ago

    So you are at a party and are introduced as a poet. And everyone looks at you.... I'm a poet Not a performer So I depart this stage And sit next to you I will be close Perhaps uncomfortably so But in order for us to...

  • Poem - Do You Know Who I Am?

    Poem - Do You Know Who I Am?

    5 years ago

    This may seem harsh but it is a composite of time, experience and feeling.... Do you know who I am? How could you for I am a sham Is it what my daughter sees? She say's I'm the best Daddy Is it what my son would...

  • Song Lyrics - Waiting For The Ring

    Song Lyrics - Waiting For The Ring

    5 years ago

    Watching boys for the spark Seemed to be your thing You looked deep into their eyes And wondered does he have my ring? Waiting for your life to begin You went about your day Love was the answer to you All the rest was...

  • Prose - Why Are Our Soldiers Dying?

    Prose - Why Are Our Soldiers Dying?

    6 years ago

    Why are our soldiers dying? Their unborn children are crying A nation sleeps ignoring the pain Dreaming only of personal gain Our anger has become numb We are blind, deaf and dumb Secure inside our own fortress It...

  • Prose - The Other Side of the Gate

    Prose - The Other Side of the Gate

    6 years ago

    There is another side to the gate That for so long provided my shelter I lived with the fortunate one's I never knew real hunger Even though there was no gate There was one in my mind Always running home to safety...

  • Prose - Making Rhymes

    Prose - Making Rhymes

    6 years ago

    You say you cannot write a sonnet Your imagination has a lock upon it It is not a matter of how to impress What is important is to express Wit, warmth, confusion, whatever Just get your thoughts together Come up with a...

  • Poem - Another Election

    Poem - Another Election

    6 years ago

    A union far from perfect Muting mooting our voices The process is democratic Yet we have no choices They give us our daily bread With smiles and assurance Only needing to be fed We demand nothing of substance No...

  • Prose - Am I A River?

    Prose - Am I A River?

    6 years ago

    Am I a river? I was But now I am a lake Because of the dam The dam of life The dam I hate The dam I cannot defeat I see my stream But I cannot rise above the dam So I sit And I wait And I exist But I do not live But as...

  • Song Lyrics - I'm Gonna Bring You Closer (than you've ever been before)

    Song Lyrics - I'm Gonna Bring You Closer (than you've ever been before)

    6 years ago

    I knew you before you were even born It's because our song was always in my heart I sang alone about our future memories In my mind you always sang your part I'm gonna bring you closer Than you've ever been before...

  • Poem (protest) - What Are You Waiting For?

    Poem (protest) - What Are You Waiting For?

    6 years ago

    Young man, where is your voice? The world awaits; you have no choice Don't look back in awe; it's time to lead I want to know; how strong is your creed? Why do you seem so tired; you have no breath Why do you crawl?...

  • Poem - Wherefore Art Thou Statistics?

    Poem - Wherefore Art Thou Statistics?

    6 years ago

    Oh moderator hear my plea For I must humbly beseech thee And apologize for thinking statistically And beg that you not banish me For I so love this artful community But alas I am an accountant so unfortunately I must...

  • I Will Be You

    I Will Be You

    4 years ago


  • Prose - It's Time to be You

    Prose - It's Time to be You

    6 years ago

    Guilt, sorrow or obligation are not love or compatibility A soul mate isn't just nice or there just to make you happy These things cannot force the issue of where your true self lies It is wrong to take the gifts of...

  • The Bully - Prose

    The Bully - Prose

    5 years ago

    I awoke this morning with the memory of a dream and it made me sad... You are only a child Yet you have so much power My son's future is being affected His esteem shrinks hour by hour I sit quietly wondering Why a...

  • Prose - May I Disturb You?

    Prose - May I Disturb You?

    6 years ago

    I have a question for you Which mind would you care to view? One that is cautious and considered Or one unafraid of how things are delivered? I can tell you of loves obsessions I can tell you of pains debilitations But...

  • Poem - Two Separated by Convention

    Poem - Two Separated by Convention

    6 years ago

    What was my strength is now my weakness What was healthy is now sickness What was my joy is now my sorrow What was living for today is dreading tomorrow What I once believed, now I question What once was yes, is now an...

  • Prose - So Close Yet So Far

    Prose - So Close Yet So Far

    6 years ago

    The silence masks the feeling Of time that is stealing Our precious moments together That we must endure whenever We are apart as we are A star gazing at a star Wondering if we really know From what it is we show...

  • Poem - Why The Thorns?

    Poem - Why The Thorns?

    6 years ago

    A spider seems to fly While the birds walk Again I write So I don't have to talk Last night he sang He spoke of being stuck I'm all out of thought I just need some luck A rose blooms And quickly dies The thorns live on...

  • Poem - Super Model

    Poem - Super Model

    6 years ago

    How can she be real? Beauty drawn by God's hand A painting behind a glass A Monet or Rembrandt How can I make her feel The things that I see? How can I be a part of the picture And make her part of me? Standing in the...

  • Prose - No Bridge to Cross

    Prose - No Bridge to Cross

    6 years ago

    Living with an unrevealing mind All around the color of dread There are so many problems The vine has tied me to my bed It's a one way ride Swirling down the sink Why is leaving always so hard? I don't know what...

  • Prose - Are You An Actor?

    Prose - Are You An Actor?

    6 years ago

    What if I thought things that would shock you? What if I wanted to do things you never thought of? Could I tell you? What if you thought things that would shock me? What if you wanted to do things I never thought of?...

  • Poem - Moonlight Imagery

    Poem - Moonlight Imagery

    6 years ago

    The moonlight beckons As if a grand staircase Inviting you upward To some imaginary place A crystal halo has formed Bathing us in holy imagery Reminding us of our potential As we sin to escape our drudgery Who sends...

  • Poem - I Never Knew You Part II

    Poem - I Never Knew You Part II

    6 years ago

    I never knew you The pictures bring you near I see your face I see your smile I see the joy Inside a little boy I never knew you The music brings you near I hear your heart I hear your soul I hear the feeling Will it...

  • Poem - Stop Reminding Me

    Poem - Stop Reminding Me

    6 years ago

    A single star (or is it me?) Washes ashore (or does it flee?) The shifting sands (Always confusing me) Reveal the dark sky (what do I believe?) Always touching; always separate (as does the land and sea) A metaphor for...

  • Song Lyrics - I Turned to See the Sunset (and all I saw was you)

    Song Lyrics - I Turned to See the Sunset (and all I saw was you)

    5 years ago

    Love song about a girl and the sunset

  • Poem - Being Lonely is a Place I Go

    Poem - Being Lonely is a Place I Go

    6 years ago

    Being lonely is a place I go Quiet solitude to cleanse my soul Needing an empty mind free of worry The canvas for another story Beginning my life anew Shackled by my chosen hue Images float through the air Dancing...

  • Poem - Drive-in Zen

    Poem - Drive-in Zen

    6 years ago

    This one involved a high-speed blow-out, a great hamburger at closing time and a one-liner written on a wall... Numb mind stupor Time drift imagery Bursting trouble Side road scenery Invisible aroma allure Sizzle...

  • Poem - Is it Blue or Grey?

    Poem - Is it Blue or Grey?

    6 years ago

    O pale light of day Where blue has become grey The sands of guilt spill Rendering immovable the stolid will Suffocating what once was free Demanding a verdict for all eternity That which cannot be delivered Instead you...

  • Poem - Disappointment

    Poem - Disappointment

    6 years ago

    Disappointment In myself And in others Ridding myself of desire Is the Buddhist way I can stop asking you And pretend I don't care But will you keep asking me? And when I say no Then I too will suffer Because I will...

  • Poem - True Love

    Poem - True Love

    6 years ago

    The truth Like a whisper in your ear So close Telling you things are as they appear So revealing Into their heart you will peer So hard Letting you know pain may be near So obvious Things are never unclear So comforting...

  • Poem - The Blues

    Poem - The Blues

    6 years ago

    Each note a life Together a story Apart a moment Sufferings glory Self absorbed Unable to blend Yet in common Pain with no end There is no brush Only the point Sorrows life Dignity to anoint Unmistakable feeling Hidden...

  • Song Lyrics - Share My Loneliness With You

    Song Lyrics - Share My Loneliness With You

    3 years ago

    Why keep it all to myself? This lonely life Talking to someone else Maybe she can save my life Why keep it all to herself? Her lonely life Talking to someone else Maybe I can save her life I'm gonna share my...

  • Poem - Atlas is Dead

    Poem - Atlas is Dead

    6 years ago

    This is written to attack the money changers; the bankers; the industrialists... those who are "too big to fail... those who would privatize profits and socialize the losses.... go away..... Atlas is finally dead Or...

  • Song Lyrics - Broken Bottles, Broken Dreams

    Song Lyrics - Broken Bottles, Broken Dreams

    6 years ago

    I like this one because I was on a business trip and we had drinks at the hotel bar that night. The bartender was an attractive woman and as we drank we ramped up our leering. At one point she threw one of the empty...

  • Poem - Be Strong My Child

    Poem - Be Strong My Child

    6 years ago

    A poem given to my children.... Be strong my child Tighten your grip The sirens are calling Eroding drip by drip The watch moves past your eyes To and fro as it swings Luring you into hypnosis Substituting control for...

  • Poem - What Do You Do When You Go Out?

    Poem - What Do You Do When You Go Out?

    5 years ago

    Damn baby what do you do when you go out? Instead of my love's strength, you carry the doubt Are you still searching in each man's eyes For the one who can fly through your skies? Can you resist the appeal of their...

  • Poem - Love Apart

    Poem - Love Apart

    6 years ago

    Plagued with the gift of silence Never a normal moment Feelings of deep passion Living with constant torment The past a curse Resurrected in the now We suffer apart Always wondering how The truth deeply embedded...

  • Poem - Put Down Your Unholy Knife

    Poem - Put Down Your Unholy Knife

    6 years ago

    "Judge not lest ye be judged" "Let he who has not sinned cast the first stone" "Blessed are the peacemakers" "Turn the other cheek" Why do you forget this lesson In your zeal to cleanse Your fellow man of their sins? ...

  • Rap Poem - So You Think I Suck?

    Rap Poem - So You Think I Suck?

    6 years ago

    You think I suck So what? Who are you? Passing thru Casting aspersions Creating diversions From your life So full of strife Bringing your anger To pour on a stranger Like me here Your hapless deer In the headlight Of...

  • Song Lyrics - Go On Girl

    Song Lyrics - Go On Girl

    6 years ago

    I know the day’s gonna come When you’re gonna hurt me The way I hurt you I know the day’s gonna come When I’m gonna feel the pain The same pain I gave to you I hate waitin’ around I can’t get it out of my...

  • Poem - The Braided Mind

    Poem - The Braided Mind

    6 years ago

    The Intellectual The Emotional The Spiritual The braided mind This is how we live Upon a three-legged table So seemingly fragile Is it any wonder we are so unstable? Cold hard logic Stripped of all feeling Always the...

  • Poem - Anything But Reality

    Poem - Anything But Reality

    6 years ago

    The world is a memory Anything but reality The world is a dream Anything but reality The past a blessing Anything but reality The past a curse Is this our reality? But what is real? What we see and hear? Or what we...

  • Poem - Are We Brain Dead?

    Poem - Are We Brain Dead?

    5 years ago

    One night I was surfing YouTube and came across an interview with Allen Ginsberg and Neal Cassady. Please note that I greatly respect Allen Ginsberg's work but Neal Cassady is another story. They were engaged in very...

  • Poem: Do You Know?

    Poem: Do You Know?

    6 years ago

    Do you look or do you see? Are you shallow or are you deep? Do you touch or do you feel? Are you simple or are you complicated? Do you listen or do you hear? Are you an artist or a technician? Do you wish to impress or...

  • The Feeling of Lost Love

    The Feeling of Lost Love

    6 years ago

    The road goes on forever You see the good with the bad So much is nothingness Or such meaningless existence Inspiration is fleeting Out of nowhere, it sweeps over you Just as suddenly, it's gone Debilitating shock takes...

  • Poem - She Died Today

    Poem - She Died Today

    6 years ago

    She died today But she really wasn't a friend She died today I barely knew her name She died today We didn’t always say hello She died today It was always the same She died today We smiled at one another She died...

  • Poem - Falling on Your Sword

    Poem - Falling on Your Sword

    5 years ago

    If you've fallen short You are not alone If you are dying It is we who must atone For the failure of our disapproval Because it is man who casts the stone And not our God Who invites you home Nice. I know what...

  • Poem - The Implements of War

    Poem - The Implements of War

    6 years ago

    Today I saw a demonstration of WWII weaponry; a Tommy Gun; an M1 rifle; a pistol; a flame thrower.... Today I saw the demonstration Before me the implements of victory This they said Because of this weaponry Our boys...

  • Song Lyrics - Funky Gotchy

    Song Lyrics - Funky Gotchy

    6 years ago

    Another song written from a dream. I woke up with the crazy title "Funky Gotchy" in my head and wrote this later that day.... Jump on come on Gonna lay you out Flirt zoo showdown What's it all about? Head game voodoo...

  • Poem - The Gardener

    Poem - The Gardener

    6 years ago

    Taking our turn in the garden We work with our hands Sowing the seeds of our future Making green white sands Reaping the fruits of the past Taking what was given Will we remember our duty And give what will be taken?...

  • Poem - Chilean Miners

    Poem - Chilean Miners

    6 years ago

    The man on tv is smiling He seems at peace with himself He's a miner living in a hole The man watching tv isn't smiling He's feeling sorry for himself He's a miner living in turmoil The man in the hole Is loved by the...

  • Spiritual - Sin and the Bible

    Spiritual - Sin and the Bible

    6 years ago

      You must know that my thoughts on this matter come from a relatively distant and ignorant point of view as I do not speak Hebrew or Greek. I have not read the entire Bible. I've discussed a few Biblical...

  • Poem - It's His Land

    Poem - It's His Land

    5 years ago

    I looked up to the sky Only to see the stars were gone In their place was God's hand Revealing the painting that was drawn It's his land Not mine My eyes were opened Even as they remained closed Suddenly God's hand...

  • Poem - Does God Need Us?

    Poem - Does God Need Us?

    6 years ago

    What if the Earth vanished? What if the book disappeared? What if all life stopped Would God reappear? Is God an idea? Or is God real? Must you fight so hard? Why from love must you steal? Are you defending him? Or...

  • Poem - I Am A Whisper

    Poem - I Am A Whisper

    6 years ago

    I'm not a person of color I'm not gay I'm not rich I'm not homeless I'm not religious I'm not an atheist I am a whisper I'm not old I'm not young I'm not famous I'm unknown I am a whisper I may be helpless But I am...

  • Song Lyrics - Longing for yesterday

    Song Lyrics - Longing for yesterday

    6 years ago

    Drivin' by my yesterdays You're always on my mind Hoping for tomorrow But today is so unkind Drivin' by my yesterdays It helps me to unwind Hope my only companion But yesterday is all I find [Chorus] Drive-by...

  • Prose (Protest) - Why burn books?

    Prose (Protest) - Why burn books?

    6 years ago

    They funeral pyre of freedom The burning of another book To save us from what? Why are you afraid to look? Are your beliefs so frail? Is your God so fragile? Upon whose authority do you act? Is it the dark angel? Yes...

  • Business Advice - Dealing with an egotistical boss

    Business Advice - Dealing with an egotistical boss

    6 years ago

    You know the type. They will argue the point until they win and they will not hesitate to use either raw power or a raised voice in the absence of intellectual prowess. What is the root of this need to be right all the...

  • Peer Pressure - Advice for my children

    Peer Pressure - Advice for my children

    6 years ago

    This may seem long, but what are a few paragraphs from your Father compared to a book? Give me ten minutes; I'll give you your life... You don't have to rebel against your parents to prove who you are. You are allowed...

  • Business Advice - What they don't teach you in school

    Business Advice - What they don't teach you in school

    6 years ago

    Who is your role model? The one who is “getting away with things” or the one who is getting things done? Look and act the part of your aspiration; sometimes you need to “show” who you are. The managers may...

  • Poem - Love for a muse

    Poem - Love for a muse

    6 years ago

    The water will make you bloom Though it will never posses you Even though it is your desire You cannot live in it But you need its touch Its caress Its strength Its life Then you can live And show everyone your beauty...

  • Prose - Is God a monkey?

    Prose - Is God a monkey?

    6 years ago

    What have we become? Each step closer to darkness Mankind's journey is one of failure The sowing of love turning to madness A single seed planted by our father The promise of a beautiful flower Full of hope and eternal...

  • Can You See The Real Me?

    Can You See The Real Me?

    6 years ago

      Can you see the real me preacher? Can you see the real me doctor? Can you see the real me mother? Can you see the real me? Pete Townsend When you look in the mirror, what do you see? Do you know the answer? Do...

  • Poem - Alzheimers

    Poem - Alzheimers

    6 years ago

    The moon drifts away Pushed by the tide It no longer reaches out to me As the sea and moon collide A conflict within love There is nothing inside There is nothing above I'm a refugee of my mind A time of change Enter...

  • Some of my favorite quotes

    Some of my favorite quotes

    6 years ago

    "Essentially, poetry is the art of painting feelings rather than telling a story." Petra Vlah The definition of a masochist is someone who beats his head against the wall because it feels so good when he stops. ...

  • Poem - Why Do We Have To Sing This Song?

    Poem - Why Do We Have To Sing This Song?

    23 months ago

    Protest poem about war

  • Poem: An Interview With Jesus

    Poem: An Interview With Jesus

    6 years ago

    Jesus: An interview

  • It's Not Your Fault You Were Abused

    It's Not Your Fault You Were Abused

    6 years ago

    Are you carrying a silent burden? A memory you wish to forget? I have a few. Some were acts of stupidity that resulted in personal embarrassment. Back in college there was this girl that I liked. She had a new stereo...

  • Behavioral Advice - Dealing with change

    Behavioral Advice - Dealing with change

    4 years ago

    Dealing with change