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I am a recent college grad, seeking to improve my writing skills and having access to an outlet for my thoughts. All feedback is appreciated.

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  • Misunderstood Empire

    Misunderstood Empire

    3 years ago

    In college, I gained a strong interest in the German Empire. This is basically from an old paper I did on the German Empire, trying to understand the truth of the Empire and to stop mockery of me.

  • Significance of Symbols

    Significance of Symbols

    3 years ago

    To me, symbols have always had strong spiritual significance, they help identify who you are. Perhaps this list of mine will inspire you to go out and find the symbols that best represent you.

  • Warhammer 40K Faction Analysis

    Warhammer 40K Faction Analysis

    3 years ago

    Warhammer 40K is often associated with it's famous table top games, set in a very dystopian far future. Which faction you choose says a lot about what you believe. Imperial Factions will be split.