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I have a wide variety of interests, including reading, writing, collecting coins, and antiques.

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  • Treatment for Shin Splints

    Treatment for Shin Splints

    9 months ago

    Shin splints are a painful problem common to runners. This article takes a look at the causes of shin splints and what you can do to prevent them.

  • Collecting Kennedy Half Dollars

    Collecting Kennedy Half Dollars

    9 months ago

    The Kennedy half dollar is a great coin for beginner collectors, but there are enough variations to make it a challenging coin for experienced collectors as well.

  • The Story Behind the Kennedy Half Dollar

    The Story Behind the Kennedy Half Dollar

    9 months ago

    Discover the story behind the Kennedy half dollar. Learn how the sudden assassination of a popular and well-loved president sparked a frenzy to design a coin to commemorate the fallen president.

  • Personalized Cat Collars

    Personalized Cat Collars

    9 months ago

    Personalized cat collars are not just another way to pamper our feline friends, they're a way to help protect them and keep them safe as well.

  • How to Fold Fitted Sheets

    How to Fold Fitted Sheets

    5 years ago

    I went 42 years frustrated at the fact that I couldn't fold a fitted sheet. But now, I can fold a fitted sheet like a pro! What's so bad is that once I learned how, it's so easy! When I was in my 20's, I didn't care if...

  • Can You Smoke Catnip

    Can You Smoke Catnip

    3 years ago

    There are teens out there curious about whether or not smoking catnip can get them high. Parents, it's time to sit down with your kids and have a very serious conversation with them about the dangers of drugs. I don't...