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Hello and welcome to my Hub.  I am Tammy Stephens, aka tltravis.  Writer, rescuer of all things 4 legged, mother, grandmother and facilities management extraordinaire!

By day my love of sustainably rebuilding that which can be saved is fueled, but by night I call on my true passion - writing.  Sharing my inner most thoughts for all to read.

To review some of my literary works please visit my website www.tltravis.com.

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  • Your new ball of fur

    Your new ball of fur

    8 months ago

    Things to consider before adopting

  • 'Me time" is a must have!

    'Me time" is a must have!

    9 months ago

    Ever find you’re wandering around aimlessly, feeling the overwhelming urge to scream into a pillow? That’s your red flag it’s time to decompress. Everyone needs a reality break whether it’s in...

  • Caulk, a homeowners saving Grace!

    Caulk, a homeowners saving Grace!

    9 months ago

    Caulk, a Homeowners Saving Grace We as homeowners are taxed with a multitude of honey-dos to keep our homes in order. While some are costly, others are not. Unfortunately one item many overlook is caulking. A...

  • Finding your mental Chi

    Finding your mental Chi

    9 months ago

    Are you among the millions struggling to obtain a healthy work/life balance? Well if you are join the club! Honestly, I don’t know of anyone who isn’t challenged with this but I’ll tell you to achieve...

  • The forgotten souls

    The forgotten souls

    9 months ago

    The children left behind due to addiction

  • Cell phone do's and do nots

    Cell phone do's and do nots

    9 months ago

    Have you been in an uncomfortable situation where privacy is necessary but another is invading it? Society as a whole has forgotten their manners which are most predominate when it comes to cell phone etiquette. Each...

  • 4-Legged Foster Care and the Military

    4-Legged Foster Care and the Military

    9 months ago

    It’s difficult to sum up the gratification one gains from being a foster parent to a 4-legged friend looking. For many years I have been a furry foster parent to friends in transition. The countless lives that...

  • How to avoid Mold Intrusion

    How to avoid Mold Intrusion

    9 months ago

    A homeowners guide to avoid mold and if remediation is needed, how to knowledgeably choose the right company for your job.