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I write as I feel, as I am intrigued, as I am revolted, and as I am empowered.

The grittier the better.

I also paint twisted creatures and dark landscapes, so check out my Etsy shop!: 


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  • Japanese Lolita Fashion

    Japanese Lolita Fashion

    5 years ago

    A scan of Gothic Lolitas from the Gothic & Lolita Bible. Picture courtesy of japanesestreets.com. Extravagant, Victorian-inspired clothing, curled hair, and doll-like makeup---sightings of these curious poppets...

  • A Trip to Salem MA

    A Trip to Salem MA

    6 years ago

    Statue of Nathaniel Hawthorne The atrocities of the Salem Witch Trial echo throughout American history as a reminder of fake accusation, religious fanaticism, and blunders in politics and government. Though Salem,...

  • The Haunted Gallery: Creepy Art

    The Haunted Gallery: Creepy Art

    6 years ago

    --just the macabre and demented. Keeping in the creepy theme of autumn, unsettling art only seems appropriate. Thus, here is an intricately woven web of the spookiest artists and creepy art ranging from the haunted...

  • Watercolors: A Simple Show Of Techniques

    Watercolors: A Simple Show Of Techniques

    6 years ago

    Watercolor painting creates a distinct softness and elegance to an illustration unlike any other traditional medium. At the same time, watercolors are often tricky to become comfortable with as there are many factors...