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I am a librarian, working in a high school library for the past five years. Needless to say, I am a life long learner. I've been reading hub pages for awhile, but it is only recently, that I've started to write my own hubs. I hope my hubs will be useful to you.

I love:

Books: An occupational hazard of being a librarian

Travel-  I love learning about different cultures, and I have been to Iceland, Jordan, Egypt, Bolivia, Jordan, Uzbekistan, Peru and many other countries.

Beauty Products- I am always reading different reviews of skin and make up products. I am currently hooked on going to Sephora, and testing all the different lotion and serums.

I hate, hate, hate:

Bedbugs- Ever since bed bugs have invaded the United States, specficially New York City, I've gathered a great deal of information on how to identify bed bugs, how to protect yourself from bed bug infestations and treat bed bug infestations.

Check out my site: Bedbugginout.com


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    Double Eyelid Surgery for Asian Monolids

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