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Hullo, my name is Caleb. I am a storyteller and writer. My background is in semiotics, studying how we make meaning in our lives. I frequently write about topics that interest me, including:

- a life of minimalism, or owning less and loving life more (including working to live off-grid)

- language, culture, and how we use and understand it to relate to ther people

- the stories people tell me as I travel, and how I retell them

- Jewish spirituality

- radical politics

- other philosophical topics

You can always read my blog, too: www.simplemidrash.net

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  • How to form a political opinion

    How to form a political opinion

    5 years ago

    Honestly, it saddens me that writing this hub might actually be a good idea. I'm not writing this to try to change anyone's mind on any particular issue, only to point out the necessity of free and independent thinking...