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Greetings everyone! I'm Twmarsh. This is my little spot in the world of Hubpages.

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  • Kevin James - Actor

    Kevin James - Actor

    10 months ago

    Funnyman Kevin James has parlayed a successful run as a stand-up comedian and talk show guest into a career as a popular actor in Hollywood films. Most folks know James from his starring role on the hit sitcom King of...

  • The Mysterious Disappearance of Explorer Percy Fawcett

    The Mysterious Disappearance of Explorer Percy Fawcett

    2 years ago

    The disappearance of explorer and archaeologist Colonel Percy Harrison Fawcett has long been shrouded in mystery. In 1925, the British explorer set out with his son and his son's friend for the Brazilian jungle in...

  • Horseshoe Sandwich Recipes and History

    Horseshoe Sandwich Recipes and History

    10 months ago

    Growing up in the Midwest, I have always been a big fan of the horseshoe sandwich. The horseshoe was invented in Springfield, Illinois, in the late 1920's, and has been a local favorite ever since. There are many...

  • Constellation Orion

    Constellation Orion

    11 months ago

    Even the most amateur stargazer knows about Orion. The constellation is often referred to as "The Hunter," and is a prominently located on the celestial equator and visible throughout the world. It is one of the...

  • Five Comets of the Last 25 Years

    Five Comets of the Last 25 Years

    19 months ago

    Since the beginning of mankind comets have amazed and mystified us. Over the past twenty years, our solar system system has witnessed some notable examples. These comets have been quite the spectacle for both...

  • Gangster John Dillinger

    Gangster John Dillinger

    22 months ago

    Dead at the age of 31, John Dillinger truly lived life hard and died young. Some considered J. D. to be a dangerous criminal, while others viewed him as a Robin Hood type figure. John Dillinger's exploits, along with...

  • How to Spot Counterfeit Currency

    How to Spot Counterfeit Currency

    7 months ago

    Despite what many people think, the amount of counterfeit currency in circulation in the United States is very small-only 3/100ths of 1 percent of total currency. In part, that's because the U. S. Secret Service...

  • Allyson Felix: U.S. Olympian

    Allyson Felix: U.S. Olympian

    10 months ago

    Many have admired athletes that give back, and Allyson Felix is a perfect example of this. Felix is a track and field sprinter, and will compete for the United States in the 2016 Rio Summer Olympics. Allyson is also...