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First and foremost, I am a fervent follower of Jesus Christ. I have been honing the gift of writing and drawing that He has instilled within me. I love to share my faith and encourage other believers of their inheritance and future in Christ.

I am a happy mother of two and a blessed grandmother of five and a contented wife of one...

I do not know the word can't. I can thank both my heavenly Father and earthly father for that one.

At 5o years of age I learned to ski, at 52 I went to college and graduated with a degree in vocational ministry, at 53 I learned to skate and at 55 years of age I discovered Art, realistic graphite drawing! I love walking for the joy of enjoying the beauty of nature.

I write devotionals, fictional stories and non-fiction for both adults and children. I draw anything that captures my eye.

My passion is Jesus, drawing, writing and reading in that order. I hope you enjoy the hubs.

You can also find me on:

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ulrike.shumborski?ref=profile

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  • Book review of the Adventures of Tom Sawyer

    Book review of the Adventures of Tom Sawyer

    5 years ago

    This particular edition of the story reprinted from a first edition text published in 1876 by the American Publishing Company. All spellings and punctuation were preserved as they appeared in the original editions. This...

  • A Reflection of Mere Christianity: C. S. Lewis

    A Reflection of Mere Christianity: C. S. Lewis

    6 years ago

    Photograph: Hulton Getty               Picking up a book by C. S. Lewis other than his fictional series, be it his Space Trilogy of 1945 , or The Narnia Series, was by all intense and purposes rather...

  • Are You Addicted to Happiness?

    Are You Addicted to Happiness?

    6 years ago

    This came from a dream I had in August 2010. However, I do not remember much except when speaking to someone who was very discontent I made a statement to them which stayed with me. Thoughts and meditations which came...

  • Southern Magnolia Tree

    Southern Magnolia Tree

    6 years ago

    Egg Magnolia Since coming to the middle Tennessee area I have been infatuated with the Huge deep green Magnolia Trees which are grown prolifically here. These trees are more commonly known as the Southern Magnolia...

  • The Thessalonian Letters

    The Thessalonian Letters

    5 years ago

    Thessonliniki The two letters to the Thessalonians are often called Paul’s eschatological letters, but I have come to see them through the theme of eternal hope. A timeless hope that translates itself...

  • The Melchizedek Mystery

    The Melchizedek Mystery

    6 years ago

    Melchizedek, both king of Salem, and priest of God Most High.[1] In history there are few figures as obscure as Melchizedek, yet induce such mystery and controversy. The aura surrounding Melchizedek has caught many...

  • Come, Let Us Adore Him!

    Come, Let Us Adore Him!

    7 years ago

    The Book of Revelation has been read, studied, and scrutinized by scholars, pastors, and devote believers as well as curious seekers for many years. Yet, regardless whether it is a novice or an expert who are...

  • Athanasius - The Black Dwarf

    Athanasius - The Black Dwarf

    6 years ago

    Born- ? / 295 AD Died - May 2nd / 336 AD at 78 years old St. Athanasius, as well known as he is today in Christian circles, especially that of theologians, came from rather obscure origins. Born in a small town or...