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There are thousands of tips and tricks out there on getting a man to notice you, but after that first date, getting a man to commit is the real dilemma. Is he right for me? Is he interested in me like that? At How Girl Gets Ring Answers, weâve got the real-life guide to getting engaged and keeping your man happy. Iâm Joseph Rettig, and I work with founders Jonathan Green and TW Jackson to spread the word on how a girl gets a ring. You have questions and we have answers from the best relationship and marriage experts out there. Getting engaged is a huge life step. With the married author of a successful book, The Magic of Making Up, and a dating expert whoâs interviewed over 35,00 women at your side, youâll never have a question about getting a man to commit that we canât answer. You donât need cunning manipulation to keep your man happy - let us show you the real secrets to success.

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