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Vladimir (Val) Karas has been a life long student of psycho-philosophy of living, and a devoted practitioner of many techniques enhancing personal evolution; having read over thousand books on a wide variety of topics, like : self-hypnosis, meditation, those popular in 70's like lateral thinking, psycho-cybernetics, transactional analysis, Erhard Seminar Training; also : nutrition, quantum mechanics with its popular suggested applications in life, mind-body connection, energy medicine, qigong, brain-wave vibration, alpha training, Emotional Freedom Technique, sound healing, brain hemispheres synchronisation...and alike. One way or another he has been personally applying most of the above.

However, in his modest studious efforts he prefers seeing himself compared to a tiny bee that collects pollen from many different flowers to make its own honey. 

Thus he is not a "follower" of any particular discipline or doctrine of the culture-market, while keeping an open mind for new ways of looking at things, and creating "out of thin air" new patterns of experiencing the old stuff. He has trained himself to produce ecstatic feelings at will, enjoying the challenge of pushing his own limits as a "mental athlete".

His favorite topics are generated from his out-of-the-box mind-style, dealing with personal sovereignty, de-hypnotizing from suggestive social influences, nurturing a happy "emotional climate", and self-healing.

Being a sort of an intellectual adventurer, he is freakishly fond of alternative history, including true human origin, as well as human hidden potential. Mystery of everything is his biggest passion.

Val is retired, married to his teenage sweetheart since 1964, with two mature kids who keep saying "they have never seen a better marriage". -  Born in1944; the profile photo was taken at the age of 69.


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