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Attorney by day.  Writer by night.

I am an attorney by day and write articles online at night to supplement my my income (and pay down my student loans) with the money I make from writing online.

I chronicle my adventures making money online with my blog, Get Paid 2 Write Online. Check out my blog to learn how you can start making money writing articles too!

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    Natural Remedies for Blackheads

    2 years ago

    A collection of natural remedies to fight blackheads. A series of home remedies and recipes for scrubs, peels, and masks that are effective at fighting blackheads with things found in your kitchen.

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    How to Tell if a Peach is Ripe

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    Learn how to tell if peaches are ripe. Tips for how to tell whether a peach is ripe and how to ripen a peach. Learn all about the best ways to enjoy this delicious, juicy fruit.