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Vespers, A.K.A. Andrew Betts, has been a musician and performing artist since the age of 5. While most kids were doing finger paintings in pre-school he was taking musical theory classes, learning scales, and playing rhythms.  Showing an immediate aptitude for beats and melodies, he began studying classical piano at age 7 under the instruction of concert pianist Mary-Lou Dawes.  At age 10 he joined the school music program, where he chose to take up the alto saxophone.  Vespers’ early exposure to musical theory had a profound impact on his development as an artist and created an insatiable appetite for music that only continued to grow. 

In 2000, he began his foray into digital music and began DJing in the underground dance music scene.  Since then, he has found his calling in computer-based music production.  In this environment he has been able to combine his digital and acoustic musical interests to create exciting new compositions.  Vespers currently resides in Victoria, BC, Canada where he runs a digital record label, Short Fuse Recordings (www.shortfuse.ca) and continues to be heavily involved in the underground dance music industry. 

On his personal website, you will find samples of his production work, saxophone, DJ sets, and articles such as this.  Visit today and join the community by signing up for the mailing list: www.vespers.ca       

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