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Violet Kashewa, Corporate Intuitive Advisor is founder of New Definition Leadership LLC™ Corporate Learning Programs, a compelling 21st Century Leadership Purpose and Spiritual Intelligence author, and unique keynote speaker. Violet is a catalyst for quantum leaps in implicit business intelligence! As 20-year veteran expert clairvoyant-adept, operating with prophetic insight, she ignites Fortune and Conscious Business leaders to walk-out new definitions of importance, purpose and possibility at a critical time in history.


Violet's work focuses on the destiny of 21st Century leadership!  Her influence intersects social transformation by inspiring the corporate sector to make gains in new millennium aptitudes.  As powerful and authoritative game changer she reveals problems behind problems, and quickly translates unseen information into actionable knowledge utilization.  She receives quantum information rapidly and in seconds can unlock truth, reveal unseen company dynamics, and ignite compelling greatness in any leader, workforce, and organization that propels unrealized potential and success.

Violet is the "real-deal" Chief Intuitive Officer!  She is a talented and gifted human improvement specialist with a decade of certified belief-work therapy to her credit. She deeply understands the entire human co-creative power and leadership purpose spectrum, and sees into root cause. Violet effectively works within the company mind-set in a defined intuitive business analysis methodology, focused on driving organizational authenticity to maximize full potential in multiple key areas. Engage the knowledge possessed by few.  Discover the telling visions of this visionary voice of the new millennium who possesses the authority to effect change in a new paradigm of engagement. 

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