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Hello, and welcome!

My name is Courtney. I have played the violin for 23 years, and I teach lessons through Treble Strings in Smithville, MO.

I hope you enjoy reading it and find the information I provide helpful. My name, hometown, and profession are already as public as the personal information of any non-celebrity should be, but I like to keep other details private as much as possible. I moderate all comments that are posted here. You may find my comments elsewhere in the Hubpages community on political or religious sites, and while I have some very strong opinions on a lot of issues, my blog is solely about music and I do not wish to discuss other topics with my readers. Therefore, I will reject off-topic comments.

Some of my younger students may read my blog, and I personally believe that people who write should be creative enough to be above common slang and curse words, so I will reject those comments as well. Directing comments of a vulgar nature at someone you do not know is just ignorant and immature and does not deserve a response. As a general habit, I do not feed trolls, but everyone else is welcome.

Have a beautiful and blessed day!


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