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I love music and time with beautiful souls, I enjoy pouring out my passion and wisdom. I have been writing since I was old enough to use a pencil and make words. I have two published books, which you can find on amazon; the first one is 'Hooked', the second is 'On the Run'. My passion is to touch lives by telling my story.

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  • Shame


    8 hours ago

    I have been sharing my story for a few weeks now and I only hope to change a life one day. Or at least pull at a heart string.

  • Recognizing Emotions

    Recognizing Emotions

    33 hours ago

    Wouldn't it be nice to know exactly what emotion we are feeling when we feel it? Of course it would, thats why you are reading this.

  • The Alcoholic

    The Alcoholic

    5 days ago

    Once the bottle is open, then it stays open.

  • The Demons In My Mind

    The Demons In My Mind

    3 years ago

    What if demons were real? Would you be scared? Kids will believe anything, here is a story of a girl who fell into the temptaion that some gerater force was controlling her. Or is she just crazy?