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I have been participating in flyball for several years and spend most of my free time ensuring my dogs are properly spoiled. Two of the dogs are pound puppy specials, and dog rescue is close to my heart. Other than that, my interests are the standard random assortment - reading, artwork, esoteric information of any type, computer graphics, space aliens, bleeding heart liberal viewpoints, conspiracy theories (as long as they're a little wacko), and various other things depending on my mood. I am a blatant tree-hugging dirt worshiper.

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  • Teaching a Flyball Box Turn

    Teaching a Flyball Box Turn

    3 years ago

    A good, safe box turn is the most important step in flyball. I rank it as more important than any other aspect. It is safer for the dog. It also contributes significantly to the dog's speed. Additionally, a good box...